Rubber Cases Vs Leather Cases

Smartphones and tablets are one of the basic necessity nowadays. Everyone is spending huge investment for the latest model and keeping up with the trend. This is why it makes sense to protect such an investment. The best way to protect a phone from mishaps is by placing it in a protective case. Mobile phone cases and tablet cases are designed for protection from water accidents, scratches, dirt, abrasions, collisions, cracks, scrapes and impact damages. Choosing a perfect case for your smartphones and tablets is sometimes confusing and challenging. There are several varieties, materials, and designs to choose from.

Upon choosing the cases that suit your taste, it is important to confirm that the case has precise cut-outs. Make it sure that you don't miss a port, button covers are stiff and there are no problems with camera and flash protection. Think also about the additional features you might want in a case. However, most people choose a phone cover based on their own personal preferences, how much protection do you need or how tough you want your cases to be. If you want a case that will definitely survive a drop, but you don’t want to completely forfeit style, then you’ll probably want to choose for one of the many tough cases currently sold on the market. But if style outweighs protection for you, then you can go for a slim case instead.

Now, the basic types of cover are leather and rubber silicone. Deciding which is better between rubber cases and leather cases should be described in full comparison. 

Rubber Cases Vs Leather Cases

Based on my observation, leather cases are commonly used by successful and older men and women. It is more age appropriate for business people. Leather phone cases mean the durability and excellent quality. No matter from the exterior or feeling, leather phone cases is full of texture. It is refined, decent to look at and easy and comfortable to hold. They are smooth and easy to keep clean as well. Leather has the natural pores that are good for dissipation performance. The real leather product is more durable and can be used longer and won't appear damaged. There is also a downside for leather phone cases. They are not waterproof, has a certain thickness and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a real and a fake one.

A Man Confused between Rubber Case & Leather Case

While the rubber phone case is often designed to expand to the exact contours of the phones they protect and perfectly fit like a skin. It is soft, lightweight and its shock-absorption properties are great. It has more designs and brighter colors that make it very popular with owners of all ages. It has more natural material, easy to clean and most of them offer water protection. Rubber phone cases are durable and offer an interior lining of silicone that helps with shock absorption. But rubber phone cases have also its disadvantages. It does not protect from puncture.