Top 10 Tips On How To Take Care Of Our Cell Phone Cases

How To Take Care Of Our Cell Phone Cases

Your cell phone cases are the basic necessity of protecting your smartphones. There are several types of cases sold in the market. It depends on the materials used, sizes and shapes. There were cases that are made of Soft Silicone TPU rubber, genuine and PU leather, hard plastic, aluminum, metal and much more. Changing cases on a daily basis depending on your moods, clothes, occasions or just on pure whims is not difficult since there are cheaper cases that can be bought straight from the department stores and other cellphone shops. But why waste your money when you can maintain it and reuse it several times?

How to Clean Your CellPhone Cases

Keeping your cellphone cases clean at all times will also lessen the bacteria that you will acquire. Cases may look dirty sometimes but even if you can’t see it with your own naked eyes, your cell phone cases are really dirty. Here are some tips that might be helpful for you on maintaining the cleanliness of your cases.

Rubber Phone Case
  • This is the most common and cheapest cases that you can purchase. You can find it anywhere and it comes with a lot of different designs and colors. But how do you keep it clean? You may use soap, water, and a clean soft cloth. Put the soap in a warm water and use the clean soft cloth to wipe the rubber phone case. It will help remove the stains, dirt and sticky residue. Rinse it well with water to remove the soap residue and pat it with a towel to remove the remaining water to dry it off faster.
Plastic Phone Case
  • For the plastic cell phone case, you may use a dish liquid soap, lukewarm water, a used toothbrush and a clean cloth. First, put the soap in a lukewarm water and use the toothbrush to clean the plastic phone case. It will help remove the stains and dirt. After it was clean, wipe it with the clean cloth to dry it off.
Screen protector
  • Screens are very sensitive. Placing a screen protector on your cell phones secures your phone from scratches. Maintaining the cleanliness of your screen protector is easy. Using a lint cloth and damp it with water enough to make it wet a little. Next, rub it gently onto the cell phone screen and wipe it with a clean soft microfiber cloth to remove any moisture left if necessary.
Screen protector case (Sand and dust)
  • Sometimes dust and sand end up on your cell phone screen protector. So, removing it with the use of scotch tape is one trick I learned. Rolling up the scotch tape and slowly tap it to your screen to lift up unwanted dirt. Do it in a one-way direction that way you will have a better result.
Screen Protector case (fingerprints)
  • Our fingerprints are blurring the images from our devices. So cleaning it with a clean microfiber cloth will help you avoid it. Unless you can find an “iroller” in your department stores or iPhone store near you then it will be more convenient to clean it. Just by using the "iroller", fingerprints will be removed instantly. If you can’t find any “iroller” then use a magic microfiber or a soft microfiber cloth. This can also remove the fingerprints on your cell phone screens.

Portholes and buttons

  • This is one of the most unnoticeable parts of the cell phones. Cases that have accurate portholes for device buttons should also be cleaned up. You can use cotton buds or a Q-tip in cleaning them. It has a smaller tip that can reach narrow portholes and smaller buttons.

3D Squishy Fidget Phone Case

  • This 3D squishy fidget phone case is the latest craze for the younger ones. Using a Q-tip with moisturizer, lotion, or body oil. With this procedure and materials, you can remove stains and dirt that your phone case acquire from daily activities. Rinse it with water and allow it to dry naturally to be able to avoid discoloration. You may choose to put loose powder so that the squishy fidget will not be sticky upon holding it. Lastly, use a dry cloth to wipe the remaining moisture.
 Cleaning hybrid or rugged cell phone cases
  • This case is a little bit tougher to clean. May opt to use baking soda to scrub off any unwanted stain.Rinse it well with water and pat with a clean cloth to dry.
Leather Cover Case
  • Wiping it with a soft clean damp cloth to remove any dirt. Be careful in cleaning leathers to avoid any discoloration.
Aluminum Cellphone Case
  • Some cell phones like iPhones and Samsung have built-in aluminum cases. They are prone to scratches. Using an aluminum polish can help cleaning it and remove some of the abrasions on your cases. Wipe it with a clean cloth afterward.

 Built-in Aluminum CellPhone Cases

I hope that this tips will be able to help you in maintaining your cell phone cover case. It allows you to reduce your expenses on cell phone cases. Recycling and reusing your cell phone cases by following these smarter ways.