Power Stand Holder Battery Charger Cover Case for iPhone 6/ 6s (3500 mAh)

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Let us help you out to expand your mobile phones battery life! This power stand holder battery charger cover case for iPhone 6/ 6s (3500 mAh) is capable of making your phone looking great and prolonging your batteries. This well-designed battery charger cover case has a smart chip that is compatible with the latest IOS as authorized by Apple Company. The arc design of this case added more character to your phone and allows you for an easier grip. Order now!

Special Features/Specs:

  • Compatible with iPhone 6/ 6s
  • Color: White, Grey
  • Material: Fireproof ABS + PC
  • Dimension: 154 X 74.4 X 15.3 (mm)
  • USB port service time: > 3000 times
  • Drop test: 3.7 V (3500 mAh)
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Multi-circuit protection available
  • Smart charging capable
  • Weight: 110 g