Seonstai Waterproof Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy S7 G930

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We always worry on what will happen to our iPhone when it gets soaking wet. Well, we have to worry no more! Seonstai provides us a very reliable and waterproof phone cases that will surely protect our phone from rain or any wet accidents. They offer us an Original Life Water, Dirt, Shock Proof 6.6 Feet and Underwater for 2m. What else would you ask for. Spoil your phone now!

Special Features/Specs:

  • Features: waterproof,Dirt-resistant,Anti-knock + snowproof + Survives drops from 6.6 feet / 2 meters + Swimming Diving Waterproof Case With Strap + Fitted case type
  • Design: Sports,Plain
  • Compatible with SAMSUNG galaxy S7 G930 G930f G930A G930P G930V G930T G930R
  • Size: 156.72 mm x 82.55 mm x 14.73 mm
  • Usage: Outdoor Activity , Water Sport,Diving